Mad Hippie is a skin care and makeup company located in Portland, Oregon. Their skincare products are proven to be sustainable and effective but their brand is inconsistent and confusing. I created a brand to celebrate what Mad Hippie products positively offer to their customers and the environment.



Before the rebrand, Mad Hippie had a huge variety of colors. This took away from their brand because it made their company less recognizable to their customers. I wanted to simplify that huge color palette down to six colors. I chose colors commonly associated with hippies and the 1970’s while also having a modern take on it. This combination is fun and bright so that the packaging will pop out on a shelf. Since Mad Hippie is also a sustainable company, I wanted to stay away from the usual green color palette. I wanted the customers to feel that they are supporting a company that strives to make the world a better place instead of focusing on the negative side of sustainability. 



These typefaces support my brand system because they are both very simple, friendly and easy to read. I wanted to use a rounded san serif for my header because rounded edges are more friendly.  The smooth edges also connect back to the circular logo. Trade Gothic Next SR Pro is very easy to read from far away and is scalable. For my Body type, I chose Serenity because I thought it had a lot of personality to it while also still being easy to read. I thought the contrast between a rounded san serif header and a sharp san serif body type was interesting and inviting. 


I designed this pattern for the purpose of packaging but would also works on a variety of different mediums like tissue paper, candles or other swag that is used for promotional or marketing purposes.