Best Coast Kombucha is a company that focuses on starting a community around kombucha. Best Coast sells kombucha in stores but also easy all inclusive kits that help individuals create kombucha at home. Best Coast Kombucha strives to bring people together. We want everyone to share their thoughts and tips on how they brew their own kombucha at home. We encourage everyone to socialize, have fun and enjoy drinking kombucha!


People are a lot more cautious about what they are consuming nowadays. Companies and marketing teams strive to make their products look healthy so that more people will buy them. 


Kombucha has always had the reputation of being “good for you” and has grown in popularity.

I have always loved kombucha since I first tried it but never really knew if it had any health benefits. I was also very uneducated on how it is made or how easy it was to make it from scratch.


The Best Coast kombucha kit was designed to be extremely easy to use. I designed four bags that include everything needed to create kombucha. A lot of these materials last for multiple uses which means the materials do not need to be purchased after each brew is made. 



After several weeks of researching kombucha, I found answers! The proven health benefits of kombucha is that it has natural probiotics in it. Little to no research has been done to see if kombucha can have long term health benefits but after interviewing a naturopathic doctor, she informed me that it is extremely good for your gut health and it is a great alternative to soda or alcoholic beverages. 


Results from my survey informed me that almost half my surveyors we’re very interested in learning how to make kombucha at home and would enjoy controlling the sugar content and flavor profile. Others responded that they enjoy leisurely picking out their kombucha in the store.


With all the research, I decided the best solution was to create a new Kombucha brand that focuses on starting a community around kombucha. I wanted the brand to give consumers the option of buying the brands kombucha in stores or creating it in their home with an easy kit. 


 This booklet is included in the kit to helps first time kombucha brewers while also giving adequate instructions for future brews! At Best Coast Kombucha, we are always encouraging everyone to be creative, try new flavors and share them with the community!




Best Coast Kombucha gives consumers the option of buying our kombucha in stores or brewing kombucha at home. The flavors of kombucha  are Blackberry Bliss, Just Peachy, and Radiant Rose. All of our delicious flavors were intentionally inspired by flavors from the West Coast. Our packaging has an illustration to symbolize every state: Mount Hood, The Golden Gate Bridge, and The Seattle Space Needle. The colors of each bottle are consistent with Best Coast Kombucha’s branding while also complimenting the unique flavors of kombucha. 


Best Coast Kombucha’s name was inspired by the saying “West Coast, Best Coast”. In the branding and swag, Best Coast strives to compliment the west coast vibe. We have stickers for each illustration commonly seen in our branding. Each sticker is representative of each state in the west coast: Washington, Oregon, and California. Best Coast also sells shirts and bags. We encourage everyone to follow us on Instagram so that they can participate in our give-aways! We like to give our customers free swag when they join our kombucha loving community. 


Best Coast Kombucha strives to have a very vibrant and bright presence on social media. We want our viewers to engage with us and each-other as much as possible. Give-aways are a common theme on our instagram page. This is when people can tag their friends and family in order to be entered to win free gift-cards, swag, kits, and more! Not only does this create more of a community, it also allows our brand to grow.